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        序號 作者 論文題目 期刊名稱 ISSN 發表時間 期刊影響因子
        1 Changwen Wu;Di Zhang;Meng yuan kan;Zheng min lv;Aiyi Zhu;Yongquan;Daizhan Zhou;Jianshe Zhang;Zhou Zhang ;Xu meiying ;Jiang lihua;Guo baoying;Wang ting3;Chi chaofeng;Mao yong ;Zhou jia jian;Yu xinxiu ;Wang hailing;Weng xiaoling;Jason Gang Jin;Junyi Ye;Lin He;Yun Liu The draft genome of the large yellow croaker reveals well-developed innate immunity Nature Communications 2041-1723 2014.11 11.47

        HCP論文(高被引論文Highly Cited Papers)

        序號 作者 論文題目 期刊名稱 ISSN 發表年份 期刊影響因子
        1 He, Yu; Pan, Xin; Chi, Chang-Feng; Sun, Kun-Lai; Wang, Bin Ten new pentapeptides from protein hydrolysate of miiuy croaker (Miichthys miiuy) muscle: Preparation, identification, and antioxidant activity evaluation LWT-FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 0023-6438 2019 3.714
        2 Li, Shijie; Chen, Jialin; Liu, Yanping; Xu, Kaibing; Liu, Jianshe In situ anion exchange strategy to construct flower-like BiOCl/BiOCOOH p-n   heterojunctions for efficiently photocatalytic removal of aqueous toxic   pollutants under solar irradiation JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 0925-8388 2019 4.175
        3 Liang, Xue Xue; Omer, A. M.; Hu, Zhao-hong; Wang, Yang-guang; Yu, Di; Ouyang, Xiao-kun Efficient adsorption of diclofenac sodium from aqueous solutions using magnetic amine-functionalized chitosan CHEMOSPHERE 0045-6535 2019 5.108
        4 Chu, Xue-Mei; Wang, Cong; Liu, Wen; Liang, Li-Li; Gong, Kai-Kai; Zhao, Cheng-Ying; Sun, Kun-Lai Quinoline and quinolone dimers and their biological activities: An overview EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 0223-5234 2019 4.833
        5 Zhang, Kai; Zhan, Jianming; Wu, Weizhi; Alcantud, Jose Carlos R. Fuzzy beta-covering based (I, T)-fuzzy rough set models and applications to   multi-attribute decision-making COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 0360-8352 2019 3.518
        6 Li, Hao; Wang, Dongfeng; Liu, Chengzhen; Zhu, Junxiang; Fan, Minghao; Sun, Xun; Wang, Teng; Xu, Ying; Cao, Yanping Fabrication of stable zein nanoparticles coated with soluble soybean polysaccharide for encapsulation of quercetin FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS 0268-005X 2019 5.839
        7 Li, Shijie; Hu, Shiwei; Jiang, Wei; Liu, Yanping; Zhou, Yingtang; Liu, Yu; Mo, Liuye Hierarchical architectures of bismuth molybdate nanosheets onto nickel titanate nanofibers: Facile synthesis and efficient photocatalytic removal of tetracycline hydrochloride JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 0021-9797 2018 6.361
        8 Hu, Zhao-Hong; Omer, Ahmed Mohamed; Ouyang, Xiao-kun; Yu, Di Fabrication of carboxylated cellulose nanocrystal/sodium alginate hydrogel beads for adsorption of Pb(II) from aqueous solution INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 0141-8130 2018 4.784
        9 Liu, Chao; Omer, A. M.; Ouyang, Xiao-kun Adsorptive removal of cationic methylene blue dye using carboxymethyl cellulose/k-carrageenan/activated montmorillonite composite beads: Isotherm and kinetic studies INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 0141-8130 2018 4.784
        10 Li, Shijie; Hu, Shiwei; Jiang, Wei; Liu, Yu; Liu, Jianshe; Wang, Zhaohui Facile synthesis of flower-like Ag3VO4/Bi2WO6 heterojunction with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 0021-9797 2017 5.091
        11 LI, SJ;HU, SW;ZHANG, JL;JIANG, W;LIU, JS Facile synthesis of Fe2O3 nanoparticles anchored on Bi2MoO6 microflowers with improved visible light photocatalytic activity JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 0021-9797 2017 5.091
        12 Li, Shijie; Shen, Xiaofeng; Liu, Jianshe; Zhang, Lisha Synthesis of Ta3N5/Bi2MoO6 core-shell fiber-shaped heterojunctions as efficient and easily recyclable photocatalysts ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-NANO 2051-8153 2017 6.087
        13 Zheng, Jia-Lang; Yuan, Shuang-Shuang; Wu, Chang-Wen; Lv, Zhen-Ming Acute exposure to waterborne cadmium induced oxidative stress and immunotoxicity in the brain, ovary and liver of zebrafish (Danio rerio) AQUATIC TOXICOLOGY 0166-445X 2016 4.129
        14 Yuan, Gaofeng; Chen, Xiaoe; Li, Duo Chitosan films and coatings containing essential oils: The antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, and application in food systems FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 0963-9969 2016 3.086
        15 Yuan, Gaofeng; Lv, Hua; Tang, Wenyan; Zhang, Xiaojuan; Sun, Haiyan Effect of chitosan coating combined with pomegranate peel extract on the quality of Pacific white shrimp during iced storage FOOD CONTROL 0956-7135 2016 3.496
        16 Chi, Chang-Feng; Wang, Bin; Wang, Yu-Mei; Zhang, Bin; Deng, Shang-Gui Isolation and characterization of three antioxidant peptides from protein hydrolysate of bluefin leatherjacket (Navodon septentrionalis) heads JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS 1756-4646 2015 3.973
        17 Wang, Bin; Li, Li; Chi, Chang-Feng; Ma, Jia-Hui; Luo, Hong-Yu; Xu, Yin-feng Purification and characterisation of a novel antioxidant peptide derived from blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) protein hydrolysate FOOD CHEMISTRY 0308-8146 2013 3.259
        18 Li, Zhong-Rui; Wang, Bin; Chi, Chang-feng; Zhang, Qi-Hong; Gong, Yan-dan; Tang, Jia-Jia; Luo, Hong-yu; Ding, Guo-fang Isolation and characterization of acid soluble collagens and pepsin soluble collagens from the skin and bone of Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorous niphonius) FOOD HYDROCOLLOIDS 0268-005X 2013 4.28
        19 Wu, Wei-Zhi; Leung, Yee; Mi, Ju-Sheng Granular Computing and Knowledge Reduction in Formal Contexts IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING 1041-4347 2009 /

        HP論文(ESI熱點論文Hot Papers)

        序號 作者 論文題目 期刊名稱 ISSN 發表年份 期刊影響因子
        1 Li, Shijie; Hu, Shiwei; Jiang, Wei; Zhang, Junlei; Xu, Kaibing; Wang, Zhaohui In situ construction of WO3 nanoparticles decorated Bi2MoO6 microspheres for boosting photocatalytic degradation of refractory pollutants JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE 0021-9797 2019 6.361


        序號 第一作者或通訊作者姓名 論文題目 期刊名稱 ISSN 發表時間 期刊影響因子
        1 Zhengtong Li;Zhengtong Li;Shaohong Zang;Chao Yang;YangLiu;Fei Jing;Hua Jing;Jiankun Hu;Chengbing Wang;Yingtang Zhou Engineering controllable water transport of biosafety cuttlefish juice solar absorber toward remarkably enhanced solar-driven gas-liquid interfacial evaporation Nano Energy 2211-2855 2020 15.548
        2 Chaoqi Zhang;Jordi Jacas Biendicho; Ting Zhang;Ruifeng Du;Junshan Li;  Xuhui Yang;Jordi Arbiol;Yingtang Zhou; Joan Ramon Morante;Andreu Cabot Combined High Catalytic Activity and Efficient Polar Tubular Nanostructure in  Urchin-Like Metallic NiCo2 Se4 for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Advanced Functional Material 1616-301X 2019 15.621

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